In practice

‘Suzanne has a warm personality. She is genuinly interested, listens well, uses humor as an ice-breaker, has an open and honest approach and is able to connect people.’ (participants of RWT, community theater Rotterdam)

I started with the Rotterdams Wijktheater (RWT) as an intern, during my last year in university. I’ve directed several (music) theater plays in the 8 years I have worked there. Here are a few:

  • HeartBeat, a theater production about domestic violence.
  • Downtown, a musical theater production with adolescents about life 
  • Back To Later, a musical theatrical generation portrait, performed by 17 actors over 55 years old. Together with Kaat Zoontjens who created a beautiful video décor.
  • Luna and the New City, a musical theater production for all Rotterdam families. A colorful cast sings, dances and acts.

Besides my RWT activities I also signed for other musical theater projects. Both written by participants and professionals.

I also teach drama, music and singing technique. I sing in a band and conduct choirs.

This is a video of a performance of me with Joas Boeyinga on piano on Dutch Television!

If by any chance you would like to meet up with me to talk about a theatrical or musical project, or you want to get in touch for singing (teaching or performing) please contact me!