About me...

Sharing is what I love most in life: sharing of stories, sharing our day to day lives with each other. Theater and music are fantastic, wonderful and extraordinary ways for sharing!

Making and creating (musical) theater together works on many levels; for the participants, the audience and myself it’s an enriching (and sometimes life changing) experience.

In 2007 I graduated from the Muziektheateracademie (Music&TheaterAcademy) of Codarts - university of the arts in Rotterdam. Since then I’ve worked in the field of all kinds of music theater. Mainly as a theater director, but also as a singing coach for various theater companies, as a singing technique teacher and also music and drama teacher. I provide presentation and voice technique workshops, I'm a singer in bands, I conduct choirs and create small music theatrical acts for different venues.

In 2014 I graduated from the TheaterAcadamy in Maastricht as a teacher in theater. 

I love to work in the field of community arts, which in my case would mean approximately this: I would get together with a group of people, we would share stories and thoughts, we’d create a good and nice atmosphere for acting and singing, then I’d form a script and accompany this process until there’s a professional (musical) theater performance.

My very first love, since I can remember, is singing. I cannot imagine my life without music. I love to get together with other musicians (whether they’re professional or not) and create music. Especially for special occasions such as weddings, small dinner parties and also funerals. This may sound a little bit weird, but I think those important moments in life have a beautiful value when it’s accompanied by live music. It makes the memory of the special day even more special!

 Currently, since year 2018-2019 (and all the way through 2019-2020) I am mostly performing in children's musictheater plays in theaters and schools. I have written a lot of music which I sing and play (on guitar and ukelele) in front of audiences of children from 2 years and up. Check out this page for more information!