Working overseas...

I've always been fascinated by other cultures and people who talked and looked different then me.

For a three summers I went to Suriname teaching singing and music to children and adolescents. I’ve met very talented people. Working overseas works for me. I love to connect with people through music and theater. That's been a wonderful experience. I have lived in Accra, Ghana where I taught at an international school for four years. 

I believe in the power of music and theater, and when you're practicing it together (as participants and audience) magic happens.

I believe the world will be a better place if we make it a more beautiful. By making good music together, listening to each other, make quality theaterprograms that matter and mean something for all people involved.

Teach people technique, learn from different cultures and ways of participating. Gain skills through the arts, stand up for yourself, and grow together by meeting and work together because you're making art. 

We may come from very different backgrounds, but we became friends through music. We learned from each other through the musical language. We enriched each other's lives. 

 Here I am, making music with my friend Jason Eduard during the concert Voices of Heaven in the Cathedral of Paramaribo, July 2011. (it's Make you feel my love with Dutch lyrics)