Welcome to my personal website.

I’m happy you’re here, just have a look around! Through this website I’d like to share with you who I am and what I do.

If you’re looking for a theaterdirector, singingcoach, singingteacher, singer or workshopteacher,

… then you don't have to look further! HERE I AM!

BIG NEWS: since 2014 I graduated as an official teacher in theatre. AND - I moved (together with Joas Boeyinga) to Accra, Ghana. I am very happy with this opportunity. I've started in August of 2014 working at an International School as an arts teacher. Luckily another opportunity came to pass: in August of 2015 I started as a fulltime teacher in music - grade 2 until 5. In total 13 classes! I love teaching music and learning along the way - both in education and African music! 

For questions, you can e-mail me. Check the contactpage.